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Suzy Koontz Sizzle Reel

Learning in motion with Math and Movement

WBNG Binghamton

Get moving with math!

National Math Foundation Board Members, Suzy Koontz and Ken Harris on WHCU Radio

Math & Movement in Binghamton Schools

Math & Movement / Suzy Koontz on the CW in San Diego, CA

Suzy Koontz presents the Math & Movement program on the CW in San Diego, California.

Rochester City School District to Adopt Math & Movement Program

Math & Movement / Suzy Koontz in Las Vegas, NV

Suzy Koontz presents the Math & Movement program in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2015 Summer Institute in Chattanooga, TN

Math & Movement / Suzy Koontz on ABC News Tucson, AZ

Suzy Koontz presents the Math & Movement on ABC in Tucson, Arizona.

Math & Movement / Suzy Koontz on NBC News Phoenix, AZ

Suzy Koontz presents the Math & Movement on NBC in Phoenix, Arizona.

Math & Movement / Suzy Koontz on FOX News in Albuquerque, NM

Suzy Koontz presents the Math & Movement program on FOX in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Math & Movement / Suzy Koontz in Jacksonville, FL

Suzy Koontz presents the Math & Movement program in Jacksonville, Florida.

Rochester City School District Teachers Learn 'Math and Movement' Technique

Math & Movement Family Fun Night - Schenectady NY

Hallway Math

Telling Time with the Clock Hop Mat

ABC Television Spot

Math & Movement in Chattanooga, TN

Math & Movement Sample Video

National Math Foundation (NMF) Summer Institute Video

ABC Television Spot

The students from Ms. Margaret Steinacher's first-grade class at Northeast Elementary perform a math/dancing routine that they learned over the course of 10 weeks. The performance was part of a research project by math author and educator Suzanne Koontz, who is writing a new book about teaching basic math/multiplication using movement and dancing for memorization and association help.

Move & Count: Kinesthetic way to learn mathematics

Ithaca Times By Erica Dischino

After having children, Math and Movement program founder Suzy Koontz found a gap in the public education system: there was little to no variation in math teaching methods, leaving students to fall short of their potential for success. Through several attempts of practicing with her daughters, she developed a method that worked: teaching math through physical activity.

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Auburn kids learn math, science, literacy and social studies through play

Westley Maywalt turned 7 on Saturday, and one of the things he did to celebrate was play with his little brother, 5-year-old Aaron, at the Math and Movement Family Fun Day at Auburn Junior High School.

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Program combines exercise, learning

Fidelis Care, the health-insurance plan provider founded by New York state's Catholic bishops, has awarded the diocesan Department of Catholic Schools a $60,000 grant to develop and implement the Math & Movement learning program. This initiative will be offered to students in kindergarten through eighth grade at Catholic schools throughout the diocese.

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Math Educator Has Kids on the Move by Ann Krajewski

Reprinted with permission from the Tompkins Weekly, February 3-9, 2014

An innovative concept in math instruction conceived and developed in Ithaca has gained national attention among schoolteachers from grades pre-K through 12. Local educator Suzy Koontz created the Math & Movement curriculum to help teachers show their students that learning math doesn’t have to be a dull and difficult experience only in classroom seats.

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Math will get physical in some Tenn. school by Times News

Students at two elementary schools in Tennessee will learn math through movement next year. The district will use a grant to purchase the Math & Movement program, which teaches basic math skills through exercise. "School systems in Chattanooga have used this for the past two years and have tracked those students and they saw a great increase in math scores," said Misty Keller, coordinator of school health for Kingsport City Schools

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Students learn math by hopping, yelling, twisting and whispering by Kevin Hardy

Rather than sitting still at their desks, students at McConnell Elementary School are hopping and skipping across colorful mats. Some groups are clapping, whispering and yelling. Others bend, twist and reach their arms from their toes to their heads.

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‘Math and Movement’ brings chance to meet Sen. Gillibrand

South Seneca second-grade teacher June Bedore and remedial math teacher Todd Kurzweil, both champions for the Math and Movement program at South Seneca, were recently invited to accompany Math and Movement founder Suzy Koontz to meet with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. The meeting has not happened yet, but the teachers remain hopeful.

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Moving to the Math Beat by Bill Chaisson

Reprinted with permission from Ovid Gazette/Interlaken Review, April 7, 2010

Todd Kurzweil has been teaching elementary school at South Seneca Schools for 22 years. He arrived at South Seneca fresh out of graduate school and taught kindergarten for three years, moving on to fourth grade for one year, spending several years with the second grade and the last half dozen years teaching remedial math. Last year he wrote his first grand proposal, and last month he was informed that his application to the Ujeni Foundation had been successful. With the $9, 995 from the foundation-which operates under the umbrella of the Community Foundation of Tompkins County-the math teacher, will be able to continue the "Math and Movement" program at South Seneca.

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Greece School District to Drop 'Reform Math' in Elementary Schools (Greece, NY)

The Greece Central School District is dropping an elementary school math program that's been the center of a decade-long national controversy over how children should learn mathematics. At issue has been whether memorization of math facts and algorithms should be de-emphasized in favor of letting children explore math concepts without the strict boundaries of traditional math teaching methods.

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South Seneca Students Show Off the Jaguar Multiplication Dance by Staff Writer

Reprinted with permission from The Ithaca Journal, November, 2009 South Seneca Elementary School's second grade received a grant to have Ithaca mathematics education consultant Suzanne Koontz in residence for two months.

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Pi is Not Square in Newfield by Stacey Shackford

Reprinted with permission from The Ithaca Journal, June 2, 2009 It used to be that parents and teachers would have to drag their children kicking and screaming to practice their multiplication tables. But in Torey Compton's classroom, they're kicking up their heels and screaming with glee when it comes time to count.

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Math Made Fun! by Andrea Hazard

Reprinted with permission from the Broader View Weekly, July 25, 2008 'Fun' and 'math' are two words that are not often used in the same sentence, but author Suzy Koontz hopes to change that. She has developed a fun way to teach multiplication that is detailed in her two-book set, the "Multiply with Me" Instructor Guide and Student Handbook.

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Dance, Repetition Reinforces Multiplication by Aaron Munzer

Reprinted with permission from The Ithaca Journal, June 18, 2008 At first, it might seem like an odd way to learn math. As part of their multiplication practice, Northeast Elementary School students in Margaret Steinacher's first grade class dance, shout and clap.

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Numbers game – Increasing Math Literacy in Young Children by Sue Smith-Heavenrich

Reprinted with permission from the Ithaca Child, Finger Lakes Family Fun, Summer 2007

When our children our very young, even before they speak their first words, we begin reading to them. We tell tales, sing songs, walk our fingers up their arms as we recite silly rhymes. By the time our children are ready to read, they have a firm grounding in language, they have a feel for rhythm and flow of words, and a broad vocabulary to build on.

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Taking the Anxiety Out of Learning Math by Sue Henniger

Reprinted with permission from the Tompkins Weekly, December 18-24, 2006

Suzanne Koontz has a goal, to eliminate "math phobia" for future generations of kids. As a teen, Koontz had a math tutor who became frustrated when she had trouble mastering certain math skills. Instead of causing her to give up on math, this inspired her to major in math in college, to receive a master's degree in statistics and to work as an actuary, developing rates for insurance companies for more than a decade.

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Math Instructor Has All the Right Moves

Reprinted with permission from the Tompkins Weekly

If you want children to learn math, get them moving, says Suzanne Koontz. Koontz recently published an instructor's guide and a workbook for her "Multiply With Me" program. She was inspired to write the books from her success with homeschooled students taking her math workshops.

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